Visit a Pizza Parlor!

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How is pizza salty and sweet? With pepperoni and pineapple! Learn how different words connect to what you see — and taste — in real life! Are you ready to visit a pizza parlor? Let's go!


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In a pizza parlor, just like many other places you visit, there are different things you see and words that connect to them!

empty pizzeria interior

Take a field trip to see inside a pizza parlor!

As you watch part of the video below, look for different things, like the menu, ingredients, pizza toppings, and more!

Image - Video

  • Did you see everything in the pizza parlor?

Words like menu, pizza, and pasta connect to what you see and eat. Words also connect to the things you do, like baking and eating! Yum!

You saw many different pizza ingredients and essential things during your visit to the pizza parlor, like the menu.

A menu is a list of food and drink choices at a restaurant. Look at the sample menu below.

  • Do you see all the different foods and drinks you can choose?

Image - Video

  • Are you ready to discuss the different toppings added to pizza?

First, a pizza almost always includes cheese! Of course!

cheese on pizza

Cheese on pizza is gooey and tasty! Gooey and tasty are adjectives because they describe a noun: cheese!

Remember, a noun is a person, place, or thing, and an adjective describes a noun.

Move on to another important pizza topping: tomato sauce!

tomato sauce on pizza

You need tomato sauce! Tomato sauce tastes tangy and sweet, just like tomatoes!

A pizza can also include pepperoni! Pepperoni is a type of meat that tastes salty.

pepperoni on pizza

Another popular topping for pizza is olives. Olives are salty, too!

olives on pizza

A pizza can also include pineapple. What!

Many people like to include pineapple on their pizza. Oh my! Pineapple tastes sweet and sugary.

pineapple on pizza

There are so many different toppings for pizza. Look at the picture below.

  • Do you see all of the toppings?

pizza with many different toppings

  • What are your favorite toppings for pizza?

Think about it. You'll get to share your perfect pizza a little later in the lesson.

Great work! You learned about different words you use often, especially at the pizza parlor, and how these words connect to things in real life!

Move to the Got It? section to see what connections you can make between different words!


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