Let's Build Shapes!

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Shapes are all around you — in your home, in the art you see, and in all the crafts you make! Practice building shapes with your favorite craft supplies!


Plane Geometry (2D), Visual Arts

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Take a look at this cool and colorful piece of art.

shape art

Looking at it all together, it just looks like a bunch of colors. If you look closely, though, you will see a lot of shapes you probably know.

  • Can you find squares in this art piece?
  • What about circles?
  • Triangles?

Many artists use shapes like circles, rectangles, and triangles. In this lesson, you will get to use your favorite craft supplies to make your very own shape art!

Before creating your own shapes, review the shapes you know!

Practice your shapes as you watch the video below. Shout out the name of each shape that pops up!

Image - Video

Great job practicing your shapes!

The main shapes you will build and draw in this lesson are circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and diamonds. If you are unsure about any of these, watch the video again to ensure you know what they look like!

Now that you remember all your simple shapes, let's talk about how you make those shapes. The main thing to focus on is how many sides a shape has.

  • For example, a triangle has how many sides?

Image - Video


Now, here is a tricky one.

  • How many sides does a circle have?

Image - Video

When you know how many sides a shape has, you are halfway to being able to make that shape.

Now, all you need to know is how long the sides are.

  • Think about this: what makes a square different from a rectangle?

square and rectangle

  • Can you spot the difference?

The difference is that all the sides on a square are the same length, but a rectangle has two long sides and two shorter sides.

So to build a square out of sticks from the yard, you would ensure all the sticks are the same length. To build a rectangle, you would find two short sticks and two long sticks!

Now that you've learned what you need to know to make a shape, move to the Got It? section to practice making and drawing shapes!

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