Let's Connect Words!

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Are you curious about how words connect to real life? In this lesson, you'll learn some words we use and how they connect to things we see, taste, and do in real life!


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  • Did you know that our words connect to what we see, do, and even taste in real life?

It's true! Keep reading to make new connections to things you see, taste, and do in your home!

Begin with the word clean.

  • What does clean mean in real life?

Hmm...maybe you need to look at an example.

Read the sentence below.

My Mom asked me to clean my room.

  • What does the word clean mean in this sentence?

Let's make a connection!

In this sentence, the word clean is being used as a verb. A verb is a doing word or an action word.

To clean your room means taking away or fixing dirty or messy things.

You can clean your room in different ways: by picking up dirty clothes off of the floor, by making your bed, and by putting away your toys.

  • Can you see the children cleaning their room in the picture below?

children cleaning a room

  • Do you clean your room?
  • How do you clean your room?

The word clean can also be used as an adjective. An adjective describes a noun.

Read the sentence below.

The kitchen sink is nice and clean.

  • Can you see which kitchen sink is clean in the picture below?

Image - Video

Good work!

Next, look around your home.

  • Do see something that is clean?

Now, go to the kitchen and learn about a word that describes things you eat! Sweet!

Read the sentence below.

The candy is sweet.

Sweet means something is sugary or tastes like sugar.


Cookies are sweet.


Bananas are also sweet!

  • Can you think of other things that taste sweet?

Look at the picture below and read the sentences.

girl eating lollipop

Good work!

Now, move to another word that can describe things in the kitchen and many other places: cold.


Read the sentence below.

Ice cream is cold.

ice cream

  • What does cold mean?

It means something is chilled or has a very low temperature. Many things are cold in our world.

  • Are things in the freezer and refrigerator cold?


Yes, they are! The freezer and refrigerator are cold.

  • Is snow that you see outside cold?


Yes, it is! Snow is definitely cold.

Great work! You learned about some words used every day, especially in our homes, and how they connect to things in real life.

Now, move to the Got It? section to see what connections you can make!

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