You've Got the Write Stuff! Sharing Your Work in the Age of Information

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It's easier than ever to create and publish your writing products using tools for collaboration, multimedia, and interactivity for your audience. Learn more in this lesson!


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  • Have you ever published a work of writing online for the world to see?

You may have a personal blog, submitted a letter to the editor of your local newspaper's website, or shared a Prezi publically. Any method counts!

To learn more about putting your work out there for all to see, read on!

You may already know that being able to create audience-ready writing products is a tremendous skill; it's useful not just in academic settings but also in professional settings, no matter the field.

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  • But did you know content creation brings in hundreds of billions of dollars annually?

Becoming a pro at crafting engaging writing products that can hook an audience can open up a lot of possibilities!

What Is Content Creation?

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Content creation means contributing ideas and information to any type of media, but particularly digital media. It includes everything from YouTube videos to novels, blogs, social media posts, and everything in between.

Content creation is often done just for enjoyment. However, if you develop your skills, you can also be hired to share your talents with people looking for content.

Useful Skills to Know

Whether you want to sharpen your skills to communicate more professionally in any setting, write top-notch essays in college, or make money from sharing your unique voice with the world (wide web), there are certain skills you'll need to be a pro.

You will need to:

  • create high-quality, error-free writing
  • choose the right media for the audience you want to reach
  • utilize design concepts and other media to keep your reader engaged

You probably already know something about at least one of these skill areas. Like a knife, though, it's important to keep your edge sharp!


High-Quality, Error-Free Writing

This is a skill you've likely been working on for years.

  • How confident do you feel in your writing abilities?

Even the best writers make mistakes from time to time. Luckily, there are helpful tools to ensure you submit polished, professional writing every time.

Web extensions like Grammarly and ProWritingAid check your spelling and grammar in even greater detail than your word processing application. It's like a second set of finely tuned eyes to give your writing a leg up when you don't have a proofreader handy.

If you have a community college or university nearby, look into their campus writing center to find out if you're eligible to use their services. Often, campus writing centers offer workshops, resources to improve writing, and 1-on-1 tutoring and writing feedback.

Working with a more experienced writer to hone your skills can really punch up the quality of your writing and improve your turnaround time on projects!

You can also join a local writing group. You'll meet like-minded folks who enjoy writing and would be happy to help you with feedback.

Give It a Try!


Take a moment now to search for college or university writing centers near you to find out who can use their services.


Search for writers' groups in your area. They often meet at libraries or bookshops.


Install a grammar-checking web extension to help you scan your work for errors.


target audience

  • Ready to find out more about where to submit or publish your work to connect with your ideal audience?

Move on to the Got It? section.

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