Words for Different Things in Different Places

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Explore all the different things you can find in the classroom, at the playground, and on a farm. Learn all the words to describe them!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Did you know everything in the world has a word or name or even a color to describe it?

Let's explore some different places full of different things and their names!

First, we'll explore a classroom!


The classroom is colorful.

The classroom is colorful. It has many colors!

Good work!

Now, let's explore the playground!


The children are playing. The children are happy and smiling too!

This playground is colorful.

This playground is colorful. You can see many colors!

Now, let's go to the farm!


The children are playing on the farm!

The farm is colorful.

The farm is colorful. It has many colors!

Words are used to describe things we see!

We explored the classroom. We explored the playground. We even explored the farm!

Now, let's go to the Got It? section and practice what we learned!

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