Transition Words Taking You There!

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Transitions take you from one thing to the next. Transition over to this lesson and learn all you can to make your writing that much smoother!


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Transition words help take a reader from one idea to the next.

  • How many transition words do you think are commonly used in the English language?

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Wow! So many transition words!

I bet you already know a lot of them, though, and maybe already use some in your writing to make it flow more smoothly and easier for your readers to follow your ideas.

Transition words are words that:

  • link together other words, sentences, or groups of words
  • connect one idea to the next
  • stop your writing from sounding too choppy
  • help your writing make more sense

While that's the purpose of ALL transition words, there are different types of transition words that can be used at different times.

day to night

Let's take a look at those different purposes and some example transition words:

To Show Time or The Order of Things

  • second
  • until
  • at the same time
  • third
  • then
  • as soon as
  • while
  • before
  • in the meantime
  • since
  • next
  • all of a sudden
  • whenever
  • now
  • suddenly
  • after
  • further
  • eventually
  • later
  • during
  • meanwhile


At the Beginning

  • first
  • once
  • to begin with
  • in the first place


At the End

  • lastly
  • after all
  • as can be seen
  • all in all
  • to sum up
  • to summarize
  • overall
  • in summary
  • in conclusion
  • finally
  • all things considered


To Agree with Something

  • additionally
  • in addition
  • in the first place
  • also
  • equally
  • as well as
  • likewise
  • similarly
  • furthermore
  • not only, but also


To Disagree with Something

  • rather
  • even so
  • on the other hand
  • then again
  • unlike
  • while
  • besides
  • instead
  • even though
  • otherwise
  • although
  • despite
  • however
  • nonetheless


To Show an Effect or Result

  • due to
  • so that
  • in the event that
  • in case
  • because of
  • in order to
  • given that
  • for the purpose of


To Show Examples

  • in other words
  • for one thing
  • in this case
  • for example
  • including
  • for instance
  • namely
  • such as
  • in fact
  • to explain


These are just some of the many transition words!

  • Which of these words have you used a lot before?

To see transitions at work, check out Transition Words from Kris Stanec:

Next, let's move on to the Got It? section!

  • Do you see how I just used a transition?

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