Homonym Hustle!

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Band and band. Ring and ring. Tire and tire. These words are homonyms, but how? This lesson will teach you all you need to know about these tricky words!


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Watch Homonyms are Multiple Meaning Meaning Words from Learn With Me Mrs. Sullivan:

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  • How many of those homonyms did you already know?

Homonyms are words that have multiple meanings.

It's important for you to learn about homonyms so that you can make sense of them when you're reading and so you know which one to use to make your writing easily understood.

Homonyms are words that:

  • sound the same (They're pronounced the same.)
  • sometimes look the same (They are spelled the same.)
  • BUT they mean different things

Watch Confusing English Words | Homonyms explained with examples from FluentWorlds:

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The video showed you a lot of homonym examples, especially those that are spelled a little differently.

There are LOTS of homonyms!

Let's look at some more examples that are spelled exactly the same!

  • Do you know what the multiple meanings of these words are?
  bark current jam remote
  base duck key right
  bat fall lead rock
  beam file left rose
  board fire letter saw
  bolt fold light serve
  can grave match spring
  change hail nail tie
  chip hood order watch
  cool iron park wave


Don't worry if you don't know them all...we'll cover more examples later in the lesson!

When you are reading and come across a homonym, it's important to use the context (surrounding words or sentences) to think about what meaning would most make sense in that case.

The Got It? section is calling your name! Keep on making your way through this lesson!

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