Elements of Art: An Overview

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All art is great art, but have you ever wanted to make your creations even better? Complete this lesson to learn about the building blocks, or elements, of art to stand out from the crowd!


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Watch My Drawing Then and Now (9-17 years old) from JadieAlissia:

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Now, find some of your art from a few weeks, months, or years ago and compare it to what you make now.

  • What do you notice?

You may see that how you draw lines, combine colors, or use shading techniques have evolved. These are just some of the elements you've improved on that make a great piece of art.

Let's learn about each element and how they can make your art even better in the future.

Chances are you've already grown as an artist and there are some skills that you've sharpened on your own. Hooray!

  • How do we get to the next level?

7 elements of art

The seven elements of art are the building blocks to a piece of art. Each has its own property, and learning how to master them will improve the quality of your work.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of each element. (Note: It combines shape and form into one element.)

You don't have to memorize them all right now -- as you work through this lesson, using the elements will come naturally.

Elements of Art from Art with Kunstler:

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  • How did each element of art change the artists' painting?

Let's take a closer look in the Got It? section.

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