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Finding a career can be both exciting and a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! In this lesson, you will learn about steps that will help you find a career.


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Finding a career can be an exciting and daunting time. It is a time when you are beginning to pursue your dreams.

Whether you're a high school senior getting ready to enter the workforce, just beginning college, or a vocational school, your career is probably on your mind.

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Finding a career takes some effort, planning, and a lot of persistence. However, finding a career one step at a time can help you along your journey.

First, examine what a career is. A career is the work or occupation a person chooses and commits to for a significant portion of their life.

Notice that definition includes the phrase significant portion of their life. So, if you are looking for a career, you might want to consider something you're interested in and could see yourself doing every day for a significant period.

Other things to consider when selecting a career are the qualifications you have attained through training or education and any experience in your career field.

Take a moment to view this video for more guidance on finding a career.

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In addition to considering important factors such as interests and skills, take a moment to think about your talents. We all have unique gifts and talents; things we are naturally good at.

This is another aspect you can consider as you begin to find a career.

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Fortunately, many online quizzes have been developed to help students or recent graduates like you find a career. These online quizzes can help you determine the type of career that might be a good fit for you.

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Another way to find a career is to consult your guidance counselor now or the career center at your future school. Most colleges and trade schools have career centers or counselors that can help you find the best career.

Get the inside scoop and learn 7 Questions to Ask Your Career Counselor.

Another great resource is the Jobseeker or Worker site, which has a wealth of information about types of careers, qualifications for those careers, career outlooks, and open positions in a variety of career fields.

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