Let's Be Honest!

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Honesty is a special power good citizens use to approach difficult life decisions. It's no lie! Let's see how your honesty can help others and have a positive domino effect in your own community.


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  • Have you ever told a lie?
  • Do you live by the motto that honesty is the best policy?
  • What goes through your mind when you choose to tell the truth?
  • How did you learn to choose the truth over telling a lie?

In life, you are faced with many opportunities to choose honesty or choose to tell a lie. When you practice honesty at home, it can carry with you into difficult decisions that you make throughout your life. Not every situation in life will be easy, and honesty can sometimes feel like a difficult choice. But good citizens do not only make the EASY choice, they make the one that is RIGHT.

  • Honesty is not always the easy choice, but great things can happen when you make the honest decisions in life.

You can come across opportunities to make honest decisions on normal days and at unexpected times. You can be out at the movies and see that someone dropped money on the floor. Or you can be at home, where you just broke your mom's favorite dish by mistake, and she asks what happened. These are circumstances that require you to make a decision.

The choice to tell the truth or tell a lie can feel difficult sometimes. For example, if you just grab the money that someone dropped at the movie theater, you would have the money...so that seems like an exciting thing, right? But, if you are only looking at how the choice affects you, you might be more tempted to make the dishonest decision. If your mom asks who broke her favorite dish, you might feel afraid to tell the truth that it was you because you don't want to make your mom sad or mad at you.

  • Sometimes when you make the honest decision, you might actually experience a negative effect.

This is why an honest decision can feel difficult at times, because you have to consider the consequences and even be willing to experience a negative personal consequence. When you choose to return the money to someone who has dropped it, you are putting another person's happiness before your own. When you tell your mom that you broke her favorite dish, you are telling her that being honest and accepting responsibility were more important than the risk of getting in trouble or being blamed for the action.

Remember: Good citizens are the people in the community who are willing to put the needs of others over their own needs and wants. This can be difficult at times, but honest decisions are the ones that can help people. You can feel good about an honest decision because, even if it wasn't easy, you know it was the right thing to do.

Take some time to watch Kids with character: Honesty from GreatSchools featuring 10-year-old Nasim. He has an opportunity to choose honesty. Watch to see what he decided to do.


  • You have just seen honesty in action!

Nasim had the choice to be honest or dishonest and chose the honest decision. His honest decision had a positive effect in the life of the person that he helped. Returning something that mattered to someone else was a way for Nasim to put another person's needs before his own. The other exciting part of Nasim's honest decision was that it attracted the attention of others for the right reasons.

  • When you show honesty and make a decision to do the right thing, it is truly inspiring to others and can motivate them to do the same.

There will always be opportunities in life to choose honesty, and sometimes it means that you are making a sacrifice to do the right thing. But good citizens don't only make the easy decisions. They make the decisions that are honest and good for their communities.

You recognize that honest decisions can be difficult, but you realize that choosing honesty is a characteristic of good citizenship. When you choose honesty, you have the power to help others and set a positive example in your community!

Now, let's move onto the Got It? section for a quick quiz to check your skills in recognizing honesty and good citizenship in action.

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