Volunteer to Make a Difference

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Volunteers are everyday heroes of all ages who meet a need in their communities. Our communities need your unique gifts and talents to make them thrive. Volunteer to make a difference!


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Shhh ..... Here's a little secret ... We have superheroes all around us! One could be your neighbor, teacher, or even ...... your parents!

They all go by the same name — they are called volunteers! Your superhero power is the power to care and create the change in the world you want to see! You can be the ONE — the one who cares enough to help!

  • What do you care enough about to help change in the world?

A big change starts with a little action.

Volunteers are doing amazing things worldwide and in local communities. You might think volunteering is only for adults, but that is incorrect! Kids are amazing volunteers, and families can volunteer together.

You don't have to worry about not knowing where to start. Being a great volunteer starts with kindness and wanting to do something kind for others. You and your family can easily come up with fun ways to volunteer.

Remember that no act is too small!

Check out this video to learn how some families spread kindness through volunteering.

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Volunteering as a family is a fun way to discover the types of community service that inspire you the most.

Read the quote below from The Lorax and remember to keep this in mind when you think about the importance of volunteering to help address issues in your community.

Dr. Seuss quote

  • What does kindness mean to you?
  • Do you have any ideas of ways that you can volunteer?

Don't worry if you don't have your ideas yet. Take a look at this list of 50 Kid Friendly Volunteering Ideas to get excited about creative ways to show kindness through volunteering.

girl volunteering

Do not think that only adults are needed to serve as volunteers. There are so many issues in the world that need your help.

People of all ages can make a difference in their communities. A 7-year-old started a recycling business, a 5-year-old collected socks for homeless people, and the list continues.

The best part about volunteering is that you can use your unique gifts to spread joy and help others.


Maybe you are a craft expert, super artistic, a beautiful singer, great with animals, an excellent cook — the list can go on and on.

Start thinking about what you love to do. Then, take it a step further and think about how that talent spreads joy to others!

Watch this next video to learn more about the first steps toward becoming a volunteer and deciding on service projects.

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Throughout this lesson, take some time to think about your unique talents or even discuss them with a family member or teacher.

Now that you recognize that identifying your spark and passion are important in finding the volunteer roles that fit your personality, it is time to dig even deeper!

Print and complete this GYSD Spark Fire ASAP worksheet to identify your spark and choose a community cause that matters to you! This activity would be perfect to complete with your family to discuss your special talents and the potential volunteer service projects that would work best for your personality and skills.

You can choose a cause, identify your passions, and create an action plan to put it all together. Be sure to answer the questions at the end to see if you feel ready to commit to your chosen project.

Volunteering is a commitment, so choosing a project you and your family can reasonably commit to is important. Some volunteers choose to start with a one-time service project to see how they like volunteering.

If you and your family decide to try out a volunteer project, you may realize you want to volunteer more regularly.

Regardless of the time you dedicate to volunteerism, you will learn more about yourself throughout the process. Some volunteer projects might be a better fit than others, but going through this exploration process is all part of the fun.

Now that you have a better understanding of your motivations for volunteering and a great idea for a service project, you can move on to the Got It? section.

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