Geode and Crystal Exploration!

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What do salt, baking soda and geodes have in common? Wait ... Geodes? That doesn't sound like something very common! You'll find out what they are and make some interesting jewelry while you're at it!


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  • Have you ever seen crystals growing inside a rock?

Believe it or not, this is very common!

  • Do you know what crystals growing inside of rocks are called?

Sometimes, you eat foods that contain a lot of salt.

Salt can act as a preservative, make foods taste good, and even make you feel very thirsty!

  • Did you know that salt is naturally found in the form of crystals?

Think about it: you can eat crystals! Crystals can be found all around us, and not only in the form of sugar and salt; they can actually be made out of a variety of different substances, including baking soda! Really? Let’s join Flo to learn more!

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As you saw in the experiment today, you can make crystals out of baking soda and water! By using hot water and a lot of patience and time, you can create crystals!

  • Have you ever made crystals?

If you have, here is another chance for you to make more crystals using baking soda!

  • Do you think by using more baking soda and more water, you can make bigger crystals?

If so, now is the time to make an even BIGGER crystal than you have ever made before!

Crystals are a very fascinating part of our world.

  • Do you remember the beginning of the lesson, when you heard about crystals that grow inside rocks?
  • Do you have a guess as to what this kind of crystal formation is called?

Move on to the Got It? section for the answer!

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