Green Energy

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You've heard of electrical energy, energy drinks, conserving energy, and youthful energy. Did you know there is something called green energy? Is it made from grass? Learn about renewable resources!


Earth Science

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You may wonder what gardening and light bulbs have to do with green energy.

  • Have you heard this term before?
  • What comes to your mind when you hear it?

In this lesson, you will dig deeper into understanding the term and how it affects your life.

Watch the video below to learn what this type of energy is all about. As you watch, list in your journal or notebook the six types of green or renewable energy sources.

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After watching, answer the following questions in your journal or notebook. Later in this lesson, you will use your notes to complete an activity.

  • How is green energy, or renewable energy, defined?
  • What are the sources of renewable energy?
  • What type of energy source is nuclear energy?
  • Why is renewable energy sought after?
  • What are some of the challenges of renewable energy sources?
  • Capital cost is the term used to describe how much it costs to make or produce something. Why do you think green energy has a high capital cost?
  • Why do you think green energy is expensive to produce?
  • What do you think intermittency (in-ter-mit-ten-see) means? You may look up the definition online or in a dictionary if you need help defining this term. Why is intermittency a challenge for green energy production?

Next, review some of the facts presented in the video with these flip cards.

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Consider these questions and discuss them with a friend or classmate if possible.

  • Do you think green energy matters? Why?
  • What other challenges do you think green energy production may face where you live?

Continue to the Got It? section to test your knowledge of green energy.

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