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Is your grammatical life a bowl of cherries? Do your test grades burst your bubble? Learn how these seemingly silly phrases make fun word pictures and help you climb the ladder of writing success!


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Did you ever wonder what would happen if it really rained cats and dogs? Or if people really had to walk on pins and needles to avoid hurting someone's feelings? In this lesson, you will learn why we say such odd phrases and discover their true meanings.

Idioms are sayings that have specific meanings different from the meanings of the individual words within the phrases.

For example:

“It’s raining cats and dogs.” This phrase, as a whole, means it is raining heavily. However, the individual words “cats” and “dogs” do not relate to rain.

Idioms can relate to a variety of topics, including body parts, colors, school, and even animals. The list is endless, but the trick is recognizing them and their meanings.

Let’s learn a few more idioms and their definitions:

  1. “A piece of cake”
    • Definition: Something is very easy
    • Example: That test was a piece of cake! I think I got an A on it.
  2. “Man’s best friend”
    • Definition: A dog
    • Example: I prefer man’s best friend over cats. Cats are boring!
  3. “Couch potato”
    • Definition: Someone who is lazy
    • Example: Steve is such a couch potato. He watches TV all day and never helps clean.
  4. “The grass is always greener on the other side”
    • Definition: When people are not satisfied with their own situation and think others have it better.
    • Example: I wish I had curly hair like Sally, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. Sally probably wishes she had straight hair!
  5. “Bookworm”
    • Definition: Someone who reads a lot
    • Example: Kara is such a bookworm! She reads a new book every week.
  6. “Hit the books”
    • Definition: To start studying
    • Example: I have a test tomorrow. I guess I should hit the books.
  7. “Teacher’s pet”
    • Definition: The teacher’s favorite student
    • Example: I think Cory is the teacher’s pet. She always calls on him first.
  8. “I’m over the moon”
    • Definition: Feeling very happy
    • Example: Today is my birthday and I am feeling over the moon!

Now that you’ve learned a few phrases with idioms, continue on to the Got It? section to practice what you’ve learned!

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