The Life of Julius Caesar

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Wanted Dead or Alive! Have you seen those posters on TV? Julius Caesar was only wanted dead by some people. Why murder the man who invented the calendar we use today? Learn about this powerful leader!



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  • Did you know Julius Caesar designed the calendar year to have 365 days? 
  • What else did he do?

Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar) was a Roman general and dictator best known for ending the Roman Republic.

A republic is a form of government where the people have an equal say in how the government is run. However, before Caesar took charge, Rome faced many problems with crime and poverty (meaning people didn't have much money).

The people of Rome wanted something different for their government because they were fed up with all the struggles they had been facing.

Caesar began his education at age six by learning to read and write about Roman law. He also became well-versed in public speaking.

These skills helped Caesar become a great leader in his adult years. Caesar spoke to the people of Rome and gained their trust, which resulted in them wanting Caesar to fix Rome's issues.

Julius Caesar

Caesar became the leader of Rome in 46 B.C. after gaining a large following, some of whom joined his army.

Despite illegally organizing an army, Caesar brought his army into Rome. In response, the Roman people cheered and celebrated. With his newfound fame and appreciation, Caesar took control of the government and became the dictator of Rome.

The senate of Rome (people in government) did not like that Caesar had gained so much power and support from the public. They wanted to be rid of Caesar, so six members of the senate plotted to kill him. Ultimately, they stabbed him in the back.

What a horrible way to die!

The picture below is the location where Caesar was killed.

Holy Area in Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome, Italy: where Julius Caesar died

  • Why do you think having too much power would anger others?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where another person is bossing you around and controlling everything you do? How did you feel?

Watch the following video about Caesar's life and the tragic downfall that led to his death. As you watch, find the answers to the following questions to understand Caesar's life and significance in ancient Roman history.

  • Julius Caesar was part of a movement that ended what type of government in Rome?
  • In Spain, Caesar served as what in government?
  • Caeser was the first _______ in Roman history and created a bridge across the Rhine, where he invaded which country?
  • A civil war broke out between Caesar and the Roman Republic because he refused to step down from his role in the government. Who won this war?
  • Caesar then took over the Roman government and made himself a ___________.
  • How did Caesar die?
  • How do you think the history of Caesar has impacted today's modern society?

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Caesar changed the Roman government from a republic to an empire and declared himself a dictator.

  • Why do you think some people in the republic were against this change?

Remember, a republic is where the people have an equal say in governmental actions, and an empire is where one person makes the ultimate decisions for their region.

  • What are the positives and negatives of having an empire versus a republic?

After brainstorming and answering these questions, proceed to the Got It? section for a quick brain challenge to see what you remember!

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