Bubbling Minerals

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Minerals are commonly found as solids, like rocks. Want to hear something crazy? Some of these minerals can bubble like soda! You can't drink it, but you can make an interesting mixture to prove it!


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Did you know that there are LOTS of minerals in the foods we eat every day? But aren't minerals, like, rocks? Milk, meat, vegetables, and even your cereal, all contain different minerals that are good for your body! All this time, you have been eating minerals and did not even know it!

So far, you have learned a lot about minerals and the qualities they possess.

Some can be dark or light, some can be hard or soft, and some can even be magnetic (although that is rare). If you need to review, check out the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar.

  • Did you know that some minerals can bubble when they are put in certain liquids?

That’s right! Some minerals can create gas because they contain a specific material that causes them to bubble!

  • Do you want to check this out?

Let’s see what Flo can add to the subject of “bubbling minerals” today!


Continue on to the Got It? section for a crazy experiment!

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