Effortless Balloon Inflation

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Blowing up balloons can be hard! You have to stretch them and stick them in your mouth and you get all dizzy . . . There must be an easier way . . . How about we let Dr. Jo and science do the work?


Chemistry, Physical Science

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“He huffed, and he puffed, and he blew REALLY hard into his balloon!”

Has this ever happened to you? For some people, it is really easy to blow up a balloon; but for others, it can be a very difficult task. What if I told you that you can blow up a balloon with almost no effort at all, without even becoming breathless? Do you think that's impossible? Well, let’s find out!

In the previous lesson in our Matter series, found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar, you watched matter change from one phase to another through the processes of melting and freezing.

These types of changes are called physical changes.

  • Did you know that sometimes you can mix two different phases of matter and produce the third through a process called chemical change?

Watch Dr. Jo mix a solid and liquid to do something almost unbelievable!


  • Who knew that by mixing baking soda and vinegar, a gas could be created?

The next time you want to blow up a balloon, you will not have to worry about becoming breathless; just mix some baking soda with some vinegar to create carbon dioxide, and voila! You have a new way of blowing up balloons! Well, sort of …

If you have your Discover! Science textbook, be sure to check out some more information on this experiment and try it for yourself!

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