For the Sake of Balance!

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What do your ears do? I know they just kinda sit on your head, but they do a lot for you! Of course, they let you hear, but they also keep you from falling over when you walk! Find out how they work!


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Have you ever seen a tightrope act at a circus, or someone walking on a slippery sidewalk, or maybe a cat walkming along the top of a fence? Did you know you are conducting a balancing act all the time — all day, every day? For the balance of this lesson, read on!

You may be familiar with the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.

You may also know that you have special organs in and on your body that allow you to experience each of these senses, and each of these organs is a fascinating part of your body.

  • Did you know that they can do more than just hear, smell, taste, see, and feel?

They can perform functions that you may never have thought your body depended on them to do. In this lesson, you'll join Flo and use your ears in more ways than one as you learn about a pretty amazing function of these organs.

Before you drop in on Flo, it may be wise to give yourself some wiggle room — you will need it during your experiment today. If you're wondering why you need space to learn about your ears, you will just have to join Flo to find out!

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As you just discovered, the ear can perform the function of balance — a function that you may have never associated with the ear before this lesson! There is a special fluid that is inside the inner ear that helps you maintain your balance. It is one of these strange words, so take your best guess:

  1. tympanic
  2. endolymph
  3. eustachian
  4. auricle

Once you have guessed what the fluid is called, move on to the Got It? section to find out the correct answer!

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