Amazing Time-Teller to the Nearest Hour

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Events happen at certain times: TV shows, dinner, parties, classes, and appointments. So it's important to know what time it is! Have fun as you learn what those hands on the clock mean!


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  • Did you know that for hundreds of years, people used dripping water to tell time?

Like the one pictured above, those devices were known as water clocks. Amazing how things have changed!

Dive right in and learn more about how we tell time today compared to the methods people used hundreds of years ago!

Today, we use analog clocks and digital clocks.

  • What type of clock do you use most in your home?

This lesson will focus on telling time to the nearest hour with an analog clock. It will focus on the hour hand and minute hand and how to state the time correctly.

Watch the video below to get started.

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  • Wasn’t that so exciting?
  • Could you imagine telling time with dripping water?

It's a good thing that analog clocks were invented!

  • What did you learn from the video about telling time?

Look at some analog clocks now and see if you can tell the correct time.

Image - Video

Great work!

  • Did you find anything difficult?

When you are ready, continue to the Got It? section to review what you've learned!

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