Silent Letter e

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Sometimes, it is good to be quiet, like in a library or when someone else is talking. Some letters need to be silent sometimes, too! Learn about the famous "silent e" and how it helps other letters!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


What sounds does the letter "e" make? Listen carefully!

The letter "e" is the most used letter in the alphabet.

"E" does not always make a sound. Sometimes, the letter "e" helps other letters make their sound.

Read this word: "Hop."

You can add an e to the end of the word to change the vowel sound of the o to a long vowel sound. The e is silent and does not make a sound. Now, read the word with an e on the end of the word: "Hope."

Watch the Silent e Song - Preschool Prep Company clip to learn more about the silent e:


After you watch the video, tell your parent a word that has a silent e that you saw in the video.

Then, move to the Got It? section for more practice with the silent e.

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