Homeostasis: How Cells Regulate

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Why do you sweat when you are hot and shiver when you are cold? Where do you find the controls to turn those reactions on and off? Learn how your body keeps itself regulated to keep you healthy!


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  • Do you have air conditioning and heating in your home?
  • Did you know your body has air conditioning and heating systems as well as other systems working behind the scenes to keep you healthy and comfortable?

And, they work automatically and don't cost you anything!

Inside your body right now, systems are working to keep your body temperature, acidity levels, oxygen levels, and other chemical levels stable through the process of homeostasis!

Homeostasis is the process of maintaining a stable internal environment.

Think about what happens when you get really hot outside. You start to sweat, which cools you off. If you start to get dehydrated, your body tells you to drink more fluid.

These responses are driven by feedback loops that guide body processes based on the environment. Creating sweat to cool down is a feedback response to high temperature in the environment.

Create a chart like the one below in your notebook:

Feedback Loop
Both Negative
Feedback Loop


Then, fill in your chart as you watch Positive and Negative Feedback Loops from Bozeman Science:

Image - Video

Once you have completed the chart on feedback loops, think about what loops might exist within human body systems.

In the Got It? section, explore how homeostasis controls multiple systems within the human body.

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