Meet the H Brothers

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Who in the world are the H Brothers and what makes them so special? They are very influential and like to work together to make sounds. Sing and play your way to knowing them and working with them!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Have you met the H Brothers? Chances are that you should have while you may not have recognized them!

In this lesson, you will meet the H Brothers.

The H Brothers are also called digraphs. A digraph is when two letters (consonants) make one sound. One way you can remember this is by holding up two fingers to represent the two consonants:

Now close your fingers to show that the two letters make one sound:

When you see the letters, "s" and "h" together, you can remember your two fingers are the two letters, then close your fingers to show the one sound, /sh/.

Now, watch Practice the H Brothers at home! from MissJessica Taylor to see how "H" changes the sound of each letter. When you are finished watching the video, tell your parent or teacher the name of each H Brother and how he got his name:


On a piece of paper, write down the four digraphs you were introduced to in the video.

Great work! You are ready to practice these sounds in the Got It? section!

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