Slime Experiment

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The thought of "slime" doesn't make you think of the world of science, with fancy labs and great experiments, does it? But making it can be a fun scientific exercise! Get ready to make your own slime!


Scientific Method

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  • Do you believe that's a scientific invention pictured above?

It's not sloppy work; it's supposed to look like that!

  • What is it?

It's slime!

  • Have you ever seen or played with slime?
  • Do you know how slime is made?
  • What ingredients do you think you would need to make slime?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

In this lesson, you will make your own slime. During your experiment, you will take on the role of a scientist. Take a look at the science steps you will take:

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Make a hypothesis.
  3. Experiment.
  4. Analyze data.
  5. Compare results with hypothesis.

Some of these things may sound a little confusing, but don't worry! This lesson will guide you through all of the steps.

First, you will need to gather all of your ingredients before you start experimenting. Gather the supplies listed below:

  • water
  • measuring cup
  • glue
  • liquid starch
  • green food coloring
  • mixing spoon
  • sealable container

Look at all the supplies you have. Think of a question you can ask about the ingredients and making slime. Share your question with your parent or teacher.

Great! You finished Step 1.

Now, for Step 2, you need to create a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction you make about what will happen during an experiment. Predict what will happen if you use all of these ingredients together. Tell your parent or teacher your hypothesis (prediction) about what will happen if all the ingredients are mixed together. Think about how it will feel, smell, and look.

  • What characteristics do you think your slime will have?

Now you are ready to experiment, so move on to the Got It? section to begin the experiment!

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