Measurement: Review

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Can you measure a foot with a yardstick, or a yard with a centimeters? How many feet in a yard?Whose feet and whose yard? Take this review lesson to get untangled and learn how to measure anything!


Measurement and Data

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What unit of measurement would you use to measure your computer's length? Would it be the same as measuring your finger or your street?

You have learned so much about measuring!

You learned about centimeters, inches, feet, and yards. You also learned how to use rulers, measuring tape, tape measurers, and yard sticks!

You are about to review what you have learned in our Measurement series. However, if you missed any of the Related Lessons, you won't have much to review! You can find them all in the right-hand sidebar.

  • What would you use to measure your learning space computer?
  • Did you say you would use inches?

Great! You would use inches because a computer isn't small enough to use centimeters, and it isn't big enough to use feet. Using inches is just right!

cm ruler

You learned about a variety of measurements and tools. Ask your parent or teacher to help you read the chart below aloud. The chart below shows all the names of the measurements and what tools you would use to measure that unit. While exploring the chart, tell your parent or teacher about the different objects you would measure with each different unit of measurement. Reflect on the difference between the different measurements and when it is important to use a specific type of measurement:

measurement chart

  • Did you remember learning about all of these tools?

Excellent! Tell your parent or teacher what tool and unit of measurement you would use to measure the items listed below:

  • pencil
  • table
  • room
  • football field
  • shoe
  • eraser

After sharing your answers with your parent or teacher, move on to the Got It? section to play some measurement games.

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