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When you have to work on a math problem or compare numbers, can you picture the problem in your head? Why not picture it on paper! See some easy examples and try your hand at your own fun pictographs!


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What kind of graph is this (besides yummy)? What does it tell you?

Fruit Collected pictograph

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The graph shown below is called a pictograph. A pictograph is a graph that is made up of pictures. Can you hear part of the word picture in pictograph?

Take a look at the pictograph below. It shows how much fruit a farmer picked today. How many bananas are there? How many apples are there? How many cherries are there? Tell your parent or teacher.

That's right! There are four bananas, four apples, and four cherries. The data (pictures) in the graph show you how much of each fruit was collected. Another important part of the graph that tells you about the data is the title. The title says, "Fruit Collected." This means the pictograph data will show you how much of each fruit was collected:

Fruit Collected pictograph

Take a look at another pictograph. This one looks a little different from the first one. What is the title of the graph? Tell your parent or teacher.

That's correct! The title is, "Favorite Apple Flavors." The farmer wants to know what kinds of apples to plant next year, so he asked people to choose their favorite flavor. The title tells you the data (pictures) in the graph will represent which apple people chose as their favorite.

Count the apples in the graph. How many people chose green apples? How many people chose red apples? How many people chose yellow apples? Share your answers with your parent or teacher.

Favorite Apple Flavors pictograph

Did you say there were four green apples, five red apples, and three yellow apples? Great work! Which apple did people like the most? Which apple did people like the least? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

That's right! The red apples were picked the most. The yellow apples were picked the least.

You did a good job "picking" the answers to two pictographs! In the next section, you will interpret a graph about pets.

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