A Visit to the Met

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In a day of instant communication, seemingly-ubiquitous cameras, and mundane artistic standards, refresh yourself with a visit to see art that speaks volumes and required skill. Visit the Met online!


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If you could visit any time or place in the history of the world, where would you go? There is one museum in the United States that will allow you to time travel to nearly any time and place in human history you can imagine!

It seems like nearly every town, large and small, has some kind of museum.

Did you know, for example, that there is a mustard museum in the state of Wisconsin, a pharmacy museum in Louisiana, and a toilet-seat art museum in Texas?

Most museums focus on a limited topic. However, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, one of the greatest museums in the world, gathers artworks and artifacts from historical civilizations all around the world.

Read the articles about this epic collection (below). As you read, write down the information and ideas that answer the following questions:

  • How many works of art has the Metropolitan Museum collected?
  • What are some of the specialized collections in the Metropolitan Museum?
  • Why was the museum established, and how has it evolved over time?

Read A Brief History of the Museum from The Met as well as 12 Fascinating Facts About the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Kirstin Fawcett at Mental Floss. Share your findings with your parent or teacher, then reflect on the following questions and discuss:

  • How long do you think it would take to see this entire museum?
  • What time periods or geographic regions would you be most interested in learning more about at the Met?
  • What contribution do museums, including the Met, make to society?

Visiting museums can be fun, but the Metropolitan Museum is like a gigantic amusement park of knowledge.

In the Got It? section, go on a scavenger hunt to find some of the fascinating treasures held in its collection!

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