Comparing Numbers from One to Ten

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If you had a party for 10 friends and bought 8 cookies, would everyone get one? You have to compare numbers to find out! Practice a counting song, play an online game, and pull answers from a hat!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Look at the cookies below. Which pile would you rather have? Why?


  • How many cookies are in the first pile?
  • How many are in the second pile? Tell your parent or teacher.

You had the choice to either eat three cookies or eight cookies. Which did you choose? Why? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

In this lesson, you will learn how to compare numbers.

First, you need to know how to count and recognize numbers. Count aloud with The Number Train - Count One to Ten in English! - Learn to Count by Akili and Me to practice counting from one to ten:


Great! Was it fun to practice counting from one to ten?

Now that you have reviewed counting to ten, you will learn to compare numbers up to ten. This will help you make the best choice when picking between two sets of objects.

When comparing numbers, sometimes you want to choose the number that is bigger! Look at the two pictures below.


Count the number of pretzels in each picture.

  • Which plate would you rather have? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

If you chose the plate on the right that has four pretzels, you are correct! The plate on the right has one more pretzel than the plate on the left.

  • How many guinea pigs are pictured below? 

guinea pigs

That's right! There are three guinea pigs.

  • Will there be enough carrots for all the guinea pigs to have one?
  • How do you know? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.

You are right! There are enough carrots for each guinea pig to have one. There are three guinea pigs and three carrots. There is an equal number of carrots and guinea pigs.

  • Count the squirrels below. How many are there?
  • Now, count the acorns. How many are there? 
  • Will all the squirrels get to eat? Share your answer with your parent or teacher.


Did You count four squirrels and three acorns? There are more squirrels than acorns. One squirrel will not get an acorn. The amount of squirrels and acorns is unequal because there are more squirrels than acorns!

Are you more comfortable comparing numbers?

  • Would you rather have three slices of pizza or one slice of pizza? 


  •  Tell your parent or teacher which you would rather have and why.

After sharing your answer, move on to the Got It? section.

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