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Did you know there is a planet that travels sideways? If you want a quick way to lose weight, go to Uranus! If you like to ice skate this may be the home for you! Learn more about this peculiar place!


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  • Did you know that Uranus appears to be blue?
  • Why do you think that is? Is it cold, or sad, or covered with water?

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and is a bright, brilliant blue color.

It is one of the four gas giants in the solar system because it is made mostly of gases like hydrogen, helium, and frozen ammonia and methane. Yuck! We could never breathe on Uranus! 

Uranus has less gravity than Earth, so you would not be as heavy on Uranus as you are on Earth.

The seventh planet from the sun is also the third biggest planet in the solar system.

solar system

Uranus is a gas giant like three other planets, but it is different from any other planet because it spins on its side! Some people believe that many, many years ago, a very large object smashed into it and changed the direction of its rotation.

Another theory is that a large moon that was slowly pulled away from the planet by another planet caused Uranus to tilt on its side. Either way, Uranus rotates like no other planet in the solar system.

  • Can you name the other gas giants that you have studied?


Uranus is known as the "ice giant" because it is extremely cold on the planet. In fact, the planet is mostly made of rock and ice and has a very large rocky core. This makes it a place that cannot support any kind of life.


Another unique fact about Uranus is that because of the extreme planetary pressure of Uranus, there could possibly be trillions of large diamonds in or on the surface of this planet!

  • Did you know that diamonds are made by carbon and extreme temperature and pressure?

Now that would be some very cold diamond mining! No wonder one nickname for diamonds is "ice"!


Scientists believe there is a giant ocean on Uranus! This ocean is thought to be 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit! That would be way too hot to swim in or to host any animals or plant life of any kind.

Water boils on Earth at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so the ocean on Uranus is 23 times hotter than boiling water! Uranus' ocean would be like fire on the water!

Uranus is also almost identical to its neighboring planet, Neptune.

Uranus and Neptune

Uranus has rings like Saturn although they don't stretch out as far. The rings of Uranus are made up of black dust particles and large rocks.

Uranus rings

Uranus has 27 moons that orbit around the planet.

For more information about the planet Uranus, watch All About Uranus for Kids: Astronomy and Space for Children – FreeSchool (below):

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Review what you have learned about Uranus with this fun quiz!

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