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Has a parent ever told you to go outside and play? How do you know you are outside? What would happen if your milk went outside the glass? Play a game and go on a search to learn inside and outside!


Plane Geometry (2D), Solid Geometry (3D)

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Can you think of some animals that live inside and some animals that live outside?

Did you name some animals that live inside and some animals that live outside?

You may have said dogs, cats, and other pets live inside, and wild animals like bears, wolves, and squirrels live outside.

This lesson is all about figuring out whether things are inside or outside. When you were thinking of animals that live inside, you probably pictured them living in a house, apartment, or barn. When you pictured animals that live outside, you may have pictured them living in the forest, desert, or ocean.

There is a difference between things that are inside and outside. For example, if you are in a house, you are inside. If you are in a box, you are inside of the box. If you are outdoors playing in your yard, you are outside of your house. Let's look at some examples:

The dog below is outside the dog house.

dog and doghouse

The cat is inside the box.

cat in box

The ice cream is inside the bowl.

ice cream

The bird is outside the nest.

bird near nest

You looked at some great examples of some things that are inside and some things that are outside!

In the Got It? section, you will watch a video about things that are inside and things that are outside. You will also play an inside and outside game.

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