All About Dogs!

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Aren't dogs cute? And lots of fun? But they need care to be happy and healthy! Watch a fun video and see pictures of all kinds of dogs! Learn how they help people, and learn how to take care of them!


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  • Do you recognize the animals above?
  • What are they?

Dogs are popular pets in many places around the world.

  • Have you ever seen or owned a dog before?

Say what you know about dogs out loud.

There are so many different types of dogs! Some are big and some are small.

  • Can you think of a small dog you have seen?
  • Can you think of a big dog you have seen?

Great Dane and Chihuahua

Dogs come in all different sizes! Look at the small dogs below.

  • Do you recognize any of these dogs?

Image - Video

Look at the medium-sized dogs below.

  • Do you recognize any of these dogs?

Image - Video

Dogs can be big, too! Look at these large dogs.

  • Do you recognize any of the large dogs below?

Image - Video

  • Did you know dogs could come in so many different sizes?

They also have fur that comes in many different colors.

The color and size of the dog depends on the breed of the dog. A dog breed is a specific type of dog.

Purebred dogs are dogs that have been bred within the same breed.

For example, the Dalmatians below are their own breed. All purebred Dalmatians will look the same as other Dalmatians.


Dogs work alongside humans because of their great sense of smell.

  • What does it mean to smell?

Point to the part of your body you use to smell.

  • Can you smell anything right now?
  • What do you smell?

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. Police officers use dogs to help them fight crime. Dogs can use their strong sense of smell to sniff out criminals, bombs, and illegal substances.

People who hunt also use dogs for their sense of smell. Hunting dogs, like bloodhounds, use their nose to track and find animals.

police dog

Dogs have sensitive ears. Dogs can hear sounds that humans cannot. They can hear high-pitched sounds and pick up sounds far in the distance.

Their great hearing can be used to detect intruders and animals. Their strong sense of hearing makes them great for protection and hunting.

English Pointer

Dogs help people in so many ways!

In the next section, you will see how dogs help people, and why they make such great companions.

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