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Do you know your address? Who lives with you? Is your home big enough to hold everyone you know? It is if you think of Earth being everyone's home! Learn more about our home planet and color in a map!



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What planet do you live on? A planet is like a giant ball that flies through space! Don't be afraid — you're safe! Find out about your planet and how neat it is!

You live on the planet Earth.

The Earth is home to all of the continents, countries, cities, towns, and streets. Earth is the home every single person, animal, and plant shares.

  • Can you see the Earth below?

The Earth gets the right amount of sunlight, has a protective ozone layer, and has all the necessary qualities to support life.

  • Do you see North America?

Show your parent or teacher where North America is:


Earth is home to the seven continents.

  • Can you find all seven on the map below?
  • Which continent do you live on?

Share your answers with your parent or teacher:

the continents

You live in North America. North America is the continent that is home to Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico.

  • Which country do you live in?

Find it on the map below. Show your parent or teacher:

North America

That's right! You live in the United States of America! The United States of America is the country your state is in.

  • Do you remember what state you live in?

Show your parent or teacher on the map below:

United States

Excellent work! You found your state. You also live in a city or town. Share the name of your city or town with your parent or teacher.

After sharing the name of your city or town, tell your parent or teacher the name of your street.

Did you remember where you live on Earth? You started with the planet Earth as your home and continued to add more detail about your home until you finally ended up on your street.

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In the Got It? section, you will learn more about your biggest home of all — Earth.

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