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Do you like to read or have someone read to you? What kind of books do you like? You can go to a library and find LOTS of books and videos and music you can borrow! Learn all about how libraries work!


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Did you know there is a place you can go where you can find lots of books, music, and videos, and borrow them — for free?

The library is a great place to read and borrow free books in your community.

  • Do you know the title of the person who works at the library?

Tell your parent or teacher.


  • Did you say a librarian works at the library?

Great work! Librarians are very special community helpers. They are responsible for keeping the library clean, organizing the books, fixing damaged books, and helping people find books. There are many books in the library.

  • How do you think they keep so many books clean and organized?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher.


Librarians organize the library by categories and types of books. Most libraries even have a children's section made especially for you! In the children's section, the books are divided into categories. For example, if you are looking for a book about weather, you can look in your library's weather section. If you are looking for books about tigers, you may want to look in the animal section.

All libraries have different sections that make it easier to find books. Librarians know where all the books go and where all the different categories are in the library. You will often see them returning books that have been borrowed and returned, or even misplaced, to the correct section.


Librarians are excellent at finding books. If you are ever in the library and you cannot find a book, just ask a librarian for help. The librarian will be able to help you find exactly what you need. Even if you are in a library as big as the one pictured below, the librarian will still be able to help you locate the book you are searching for!


Librarians are fantastic community helpers.

  • How do you think libraries would look without librarians?

Share your answer with your parent or teacher, then move on to the Got It? section to practice being a librarian, and learn about the importance of returning books to the library on time!


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