Community Helpers: Firefighters

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Fires are good for warmth and cooking, but an out-of-control fire can destroy everything, even your home! Learn more about firefighters, "Stop, Drop, and Roll," and ways to keep safe in case of fire!


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Fires are very scary!

  • Who helps you if there is a fire in your home?
  • Who do you see if there is a fire in your neighborhood?

Firefighters are very important community helpers!

Just like the name says, firefighters put out dangerous fires. Their job is to teach people about fire safety, save people from fires, and stop fires from spreading.

In this lesson, you will learn about the special equipment firefighters use to protect them from fire and to stop fires.

Before you start reading about firefighters, say out loud what number you should dial if there is ever a fire in your home.

If there is a fire in your home, you should dial "911" on a telephone. This number will connect you to emergency services that can help you.

If there is ever a fire, firefighters will hear an alarm in their fire station. They will put on their special gear, get in their fire truck, and drive to where the fire is.

Image by Poghia at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons, was released into the public domain.

When the firefighters arrive at the fire in their fire truck, they can use some of the tools connected to the fire truck to help them.

There is a long ladder to help firefighters get to high places and save people.

There is also a long hose that is used to spray water onto the fire. Usually, fire trucks have water stored in them, but if they do not, they use water from fire hydrants.

Look at the fire hydrant below. Sometimes firefighters need to attach their hoses to a fire hydrant to get water to spray on the fire.


If there are people inside of the building, firefighters will suit up and head inside.

If you have ever seen a firefighter, you may have thought he or she was scary-looking. They wear large suits, boots, and helmets with masks.

This protective gear helps protect them from getting burned by the fire.

fire hose

If you ever see a firefighter like the one below, don't be afraid. They are here to help you!

Firefighters are strong and can help people and animals out of burning buildings even if that means they have to carry them!

firefighter with child

Before moving on to the next section, say out loud how firefighters get to fires.

  • What type of vehicle do they use?

After saying your answer, rush on over to the Got It? section, where you will learn about fire safety.

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