Ladybugs: A Farmer's Friend

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"Ladybug, ladybug, sitting on my plant.Why are you more colorful than an ant?"
This is not a poetry lesson, but you will watch videos and do online work to learn about this pretty and useful bug!


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  • Have you ever seen a ladybug?
  • Why do most people think ladybugs are friendly?


Every insect has a purpose in the lifecycle. Believe it or not, the world would be affected negatively if insects died off.

Their role is to help keep nature balanced. From eating dead plants to helping flowers grow and even food for other animals, insects are vital.

Some bugs are known for their appearance, which involves more than what we see. For instance, ladybugs are easily identified because of their color and spots.

  • Did you know their appearance is for self-defense?
  • Why would a cute little bug like the ladybug need something to defend it?

Explore this Ladybug site to learn more about these colorful creatures!

In your notebook, answer these questions.

  • How many species of ladybugs are there?
  • What colors do ladybugs come in?
  • What are three different types of ladybugs? Name a unique quality about each.

Then, watch the following video for more fun facts!

Image - Video

  • What have you learned about ladybugs?
  • Has your impression of ladybugs changed?

Record your answers in your notebook, then fly on over to the Got It? section to learn more fascinating facts!

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