Names and Places Need a Capital Letter

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Have you ever noticed that some words, like your name, begin with a big letter, called a "capital" letter? How do you know when to use a capital letter? A quick video and fun word game will show you!


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Lesson Plan - Get It!


  • What do these two pictures have in common?
  • What did you notice was the same between the pictures of the boy and the dog?

Tell your teacher as many things as you can that are the same.

You may have said they are both living or mammals.

  • What else do they have common?

Both the boy and the dog have a name. In this lesson, you will learn that all names start with a capital letter.

Let's get started!

Watch this short video clip, Where do I use capital letters? from the Quiet Creative about using capital letters. You will come back to this video in another lesson.

While you watch the video, look for the two times to capitalize letters, and share them with your teacher or parent (It should start at 1:32 and end at 2:02):

The two times to capitalize a word are when it's a name and a specific place. Before moving on in this lesson, tell your parent or teacher one name of a person and one place that need to begin with a capital letter.

Great ideas!

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