Coniferous Forests and Pine Cones

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Do you know what a coniferous forest is? Why is it called "coniferous"? What are those funny things that hang from pine trees? Learn about pine trees and similar trees that may even grow near home!


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Have you ever been to a forest? Or, have you ever seen a bunch of trees planted in one spot? Did you ever notice what kind of trees they are?

Trees can grow just about anywhere.

However, trees are unique to certain areas for many reasons. Soil, water, and wildlife play a role in where trees develop.

A forest is a large group of trees and undergrowth. Forests are crucial to our environment and lives. There are also different types of forests that offer a unique surrounding. You will learn about coniferous forests and what they have to offer in your environment. Read the article Coniferous Forests, by Conserve Energy Future, and use your notebook to take notes.

  • What did you learn about the coniferous forest?
  • How many kinds of trees did you learn about?

Using your notes from this article, ask a parent or teacher about forests. See what they know and can add to your notes. See how many trees you can locate in your neighborhood!

When you are done exploring, walk on over to the Got It? section to see what makes coniferous trees coniferous!

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