The Parts of a Circle

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Circles sure look simple. They just go around and around. Did you know circles actually have four parts? If this doesn't strike a chord, it's time you got a-round to learning about circles!


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Although it looks simple, a circle has four main parts!

  • Can you find and name them all?

A circle is a set of points that are an equal distance from a center point.

  • Did you know there are four parts to a circle?
  • Did you even know that a circle has parts?

The parts of a circle are shown below.

circle parts

  • What is each of these parts, and why are they important?

The diameter is s line, or chord, that goes from one side of a circle to the other, and passes through the center of the circle.

The radius is a line segment that starts at the center of a circle and goes to its edge, half of the diameter.

The circumference is the distance around the perimeter, or outside, of the circle.

The chord is a line that goes from one side of a circle to the other.

A fun fact about circles is the diameter is always a chord, but a chord is not always a diameter. A chord must run through the center of a circle to be considered the diameter.

Now that you have been introduced to the parts of the circle, move to the Got It? section to practice labeling the parts of a circle on your own.

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