Short Vowel U

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Are "U" tall or are "U" short? We don't mean "you" personally! Vowels have long and short sounds, and "you" will learn about the short "U" sound from a video and some practice, then make a flip book!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


What is do you see in this picture?

A "bug" is correct. Say the word "bug" out loud.

Say it again, stretching out the sounds.

What sound do you hear in the middle of the word "bug"?

You may have said the word "bug" has the short u sound in the middle.

That is correct! Practice making the short u sounds with your parent or teacher. In this lesson, you will practice listening to words and naming the short u vowel sound in the middle of the word. If you have not completed the previous Related Lessons, found in the right-hand sidebar, do so first.

Before you begin listening for sounds in words, you will review the sound the short u makes. Watch the Short /u/ Sound - Phonics by TurtleDiary video from Turtle Diary (below). Pay close attention to how your mouth makes the sound of the short u. This will help you to learn to hear the vowel sounds.


After watching the video, look in the mirror and practice making the short u sound. Show you teacher or parent how your mouth makes the short u sound.

Now that you watched the video and practiced making the sounds in words, you are ready for more practice!

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