Blending Sounds to Make Words

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Blending different ingredients makes good meals! Blending different word sounds makes good words and good readers! Learn a fun song and play online games so you can put sounds together to make words!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Can you make a word using only these sounds?

/C/ /A/ /T/

Sound out each letter carefully:

  • make the sound /c/
  • make the sound /a/
  • make the sound /t/

Now put all the sounds together:

  • Cat! Good job!

When you put all the sounds together, you say the word "cat." In this lesson, you will practice listening to sounds and putting the sounds together to form words.

Let's start by watching this fun Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More by Epic Phonics video to learn more about putting sounds together to make words:


Now that you watched the video and saw how blending sounds together make words, you are all set to try blending more sounds!

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