Multiples of Ten

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Are you ready for some really easy multiplication problems? Learning your ten times multiplication table is easy as adding one number! There's a song that will help you remember how to multiply by 10!


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  • Do you notice anything similar about the numbers?
  • Could you determine the next three numbers in the pattern?

If you answered correctly, you have just counted by tens, which means you should easily be able to multiply by ten.

Before you start learning more about the ten-times tables, review what you have learned so far.

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  • Were those patterns easy to complete?

If not, go back and review the Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar on multiples of two and five before moving forward.

It is best to make sure you have mastered each of the sets you have already been taught before trying to learn more multiplication facts.

  • Were you able to complete the pattern at the beginning of the lesson?

If so, you counted by tens and already know your ten-times tables!

To hear all the ten times tables, listen to and watch the video below. 

Image - Video

  • What did you learn about the ten-times tables while listening to the song?

Look at the multiplication table below. The ten-times tables have been highlighted.

  • What do you notice when you look at the highlighted sections?
  • Is there a pattern?
  • Do any numbers recur often?

10 times table

  • Did you notice that the product of any number multiplied by ten ends with a zero?

Finding the answer to a multiplication problem with ten is easy. Add a zero to the end of the number multiplied by ten!

For example, the product of 10 x 3 is 30. You add a zero after the 3.

Add this tip to your foldable under the 10 flap.

Practice memorizing and solving multiplication problems with ten in the Got It? section.

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