Who Was Rutherford B. Hayes?

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Who was the first "First Lady"? What president was nicknamed, "Granny"? How close was Rutherford B. Hayes' election? Decide if our 19th president was good or bad, and how you would fare as president!


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Rutherford B. Hayes was a volunteer lawyer for the Underground Railroad and helped slaves win freedom. You can't say that about any other president in the history of the United States.

  • Doesn't that make him one of the best presidents?

Too bad he is best known for only winning the election by one vote and often is called a cheater. See for yourself if Hayes was one of the good ones (or bad ones!).

The 19th president was a great supporter of slaves having the same rights as all white men.

He fought for the morally-appropriate outcome and won. He withdrew troops from the south and allowed them to govern themselves, and continued to fight for the rights of ALL Americans!

While watching Rutherford Hayes (below), see how many facts you can write down about his life. See if you can find the answers to the following questions:

  • What did the "B" stand for in his name?
  • How many times was he wounded?
  • What political party was he first associated with?
  • How did he die?


Hayes worked hard, and many issues were solved while he was in office. Check out the Got It? section to see if you can identify the positive changes that came from his presidency.

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