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Time flies when you're having fun, right? But it's no fun if you don't know how to tell time on a round clock with hands and a face! Have a good time with video and online practice about telling time!


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  • Can you tell the time on this digital clock above?

If you think it says it is 5:00 PM, you are right!

  • You need a harder question don't you?

analog clock

  • Can you tell what time it is on this analog clock?

The analog clock above actually shows that the time is 11:55.

  • Is it 11:55 where you live?
  • If not, where will you be at 11:55?
  • If it's past 11:55, where were you?

Now think of places where you have seen analog clocks like this. Think of one reason why it is a good idea to be able to read an analog clock, and share your idea with your teacher, parent, or a friend!

Watch this video called Telling Time for Children - Learning the Clock:

Image - Video

  • What does the short hand tell you?
  • What does the long hand tell you?

Tell your parent, teacher, or a friend what you have learned!

You will put your skills to the test in the next section. If you need to, you can always come back and watch the video again!

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