Paragraph Structure

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What's the point of writing something if no one wants to read it? A strong opening sentence will create interest in the reader, but it must be backed up by details and purpose. Learn more by the 3 Fs!



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How do you know when to start a new paragraph when you are writing? That can be tricky!

Discuss this with you parent or teacher. See if your thoughts about when to start a new paragraph change throughout the lesson!

Writing an effective paragraph can be a snap if you follow a simple formula!

In this lesson, you will explore how to structure a paragraph, and what should be included in each paragraph you write.

Now, let's watch this Paragraph Structure for information Reports video (below) to see exactly how a paragraph is structured, and why:


A paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence. You may wonder, "What makes a strong topic sentence?" Here is another video that will help you understand the elements of a strong topic sentence so you can write one on your own, Paragraph Structure:


Now that you watched the video, I am sure you will be able to write a strong topic sentence in the next part of this lesson!

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