Medical Masters of the World

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Pay tribute to the medical masters who worked to help people live longer and healthier lives. Which medical advances may have been overturned by other scientists? Which do we incorporate even today?


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Nowadays, we can get over-the-counter medicines for illnesses that might have killed us just a few centuries ago. Some of the medical masters of history dedicated their lives to making people healthier. Let's find out what they discovered!

Imagine what it was like to be sick in ancient times: There were no hospitals, no pharmacies, and people didn't even know what germs are!

If you get sick, your treatment options are limited, and death can result from illnesses and conditions we consider minor today.

In the face of those challenges, a few individuals decided to work toward solutions and journey down the long road of medical science.

Read the article, Ancient Medicine, written by Martyn Shuttleworth and retrieved from As you read, make notes on these questions:

  • What did people know about illness in each of those places?
  • What treatments did they use?
  • What medical advancements did they make?

Reflect and discuss with a parent or teacher:

  • What did these ancient medical systems have in common?
  • How were they different from one another?

Continue on to the Got It? section to get familiar with these medical giants.

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