Coming to a Conclusion

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"I know who did it," said the inspector. "It was." What's missing that's making you nuts? The conclusion! Stories need good conclusion sentences so they don't leave you hanging. Write your own today!



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You and your sibling are fighting. After hearing your side of the story, and your sibling's side of the story, your mother came up with her own conclusion. What does conclusion mean?

Conclusion means an ending or a finish.

Your mom coming up with her own conclusion means she came up with a judgment that ended the argument.

Like a verbal argument, writing usually has a beginning, middle, and an end. In writing, we call them something slightly different. The beginning is the topic sentence, the middle contains the supporting details, and the end is the conclusion.

In this lesson, you will practice finding and creating conclusion sentences.

Why do you believe paragraphs need a conclusion? If you think about a book or movie, what would it be like without a conclusion? You would feel the book or movie was not complete — you would feel like you were left hanging and wanting to know what happens to the characters. That is the same when a paragraph ends without a conclusion. The reader is left hanging, and it feels awkward moving to the next paragraph.

A conclusion sentence is a sentence that refers to the topic sentence and sums up the main idea of the paragraph.

It usually serves one of these four important purposes:

  1. It restates the main idea.
  2. It offers a suggestion.
  3. It gives an opinion.
  4. It makes a prediction.

Watch Concluding sentences for paragraphs (below). As you are watching this video, pay attention to what the narrator has to say about how to lock your paragraph:


After viewing, explain this concept of locking up a paragraph to your parent or teacher, and talk about why you think it is (or isn't) a good approach to writing.

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