Area of a Triangle

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Finding the area of a triangle is almost as easy as finding the area of a quadrilateral; there is just one more step. Videos and fun online practice show you the angles of finding a triangle's area!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Do you think you can find the area of any triangle?

Watch How to Find the Area of a Triangle: The Easy Way!:

In the video above, you learned that a triangle is half of a quadrilateral.

It would be helpful to understand how to find the area of a triangle. This can be done with a little bit more information, and even some examples and practice!

Go to MATH is FUN to learn more about the Area of Triangles Without Right Angles. At the bottom of the "Area of Triangles Without Right Angles" section in the "Your Turn" space, click on the problem links and try to find the area of the triangles!

If you need help, just look at the rest of the "Area of Triangles" page for clues and tips!

You got it!

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