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What is a protractor? What geometrical item can be seen all around you in different forms? If you watch these videos and dig into the online sources, you'll earn your "degree" in measuring angles!


Measurement and Data, Plane Geometry (2D)

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Lesson Plan - Get It!

  • Do you know the name of the tool pictured above?

This is a protractor!

  • Do you know what you can do with this tool?

(Hint: It's not a professional farm vehicle!)

A protractor is a tool that can help you determine the angles of a figure or two lines.

Watch the Angles - Acute, Obtuse, Right, Straight | Math Lesson for Grade 2 video below to learn all about angles:


Now that you have some idea of what angles are and know that there are different types, head over to MATH is FUN to the page titled Angles. Read through the page and its examples. Have fun playing with the interactive "Try It Yourself" angle maker!

  • Can you look around where you are sitting right now and see different angles? 
  • How many do you see?

Move on to the Get it! section to continue learning about angles.

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