Mexico: History

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Mexico's history is a spicy blend of ancient civilizations, conquistadors shaking things up, and colorful revolutions! It's a tale of culture, diversity, and fiestas that will delight you!


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From the native past to the Spanish conquest of the country we know today, Mexico has a rich history full of stories of both defeat and triumph.

Check out these Mexican artifacts below.

  • Do any look familiar to you?

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These represent the Olmec, the Mayans, and the Aztecs. Along with the Spanish, they are some of the people groups who make up the stories of Mexico's history!

Read about The Olmecs, The Maya (or Mayans), and The Aztecs, who were the most notable native groups inhabiting Mexico before the Spanish conquest.

The natives were eventually conquered by Spanish explorers.

As you read about the History of Mexico, add notes to the interact below. Stop reading when you reach the Facts & Figures section.

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Next, explore this Mexico History Timeline.

Review what you've read as you watch the three videos below.

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