Analyzing Characters

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Are all persons exactly alike? Even twins are different! Seeing how story characters are alike and different helps you understand a story. Join Wemberly and Jewel and use a Venn Diagram to study them!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Study the two pictures below. How are they similar, and how are they different?

Just like the images above, characters in any story you read can be similar and different.

Analyzing, or studying, the characters and understanding how they are alike or different can help you comprehend the story better!

Watch this video called eSpark Learning: Compare & Contrast Characters in a Story Instructional Video (below) to learn how to compare characters in a story and how to use a Venn Diagram:


  1. Grab your favorite fiction story and sit down with your parent or teacher.
  2. Have the story read to you or you can read out loud to him or her if you want.
  3. Halfway through the story, pause and discuss who the characters are.
  4. Then ask one another how each of the characters is similar to, or different from, other characters.
  5. Finish the story.
  6. Compare and contrast the characters again. Has anything changed? Have any of the characters become more similar to or more different from other characters in the story?
  7. Enjoy your story AND your discussion!

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