Draw a Picture to Solve Problems

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Got a hard math problem bouncing around inside your head? Get out a pencil and move it to paper! Drawing pictures can help you visualize and solve problems. We'll show you how with a video and colors!



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Stuck on a math problem? Draw a picture or diagram! Get the problem out of your head and onto the paper. After reading a problem, take the data and create a picture or diagram with it. This takes problems that seem complex and makes them simpler!

illustration of a child drawing in crayon

Pictures do not need to be works of art.

They can be simple shapes to represent complex items from a problem.

For example:

Sharon is decorating a cake for Kevin's birthday. She decorated the top of a circular cake with a ring of 8 roses. In between each rose, she put 2 candles. How old is Kevin?

The tally marks (II) are the candles and the dots (•) are the roses. Kevin is 16 years old.

II • II • II • II • II • II • II • II

Watch this LearnZillion video lesson:

Interpret products by drawing pictures | LearnZillion

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